How I built my own CRM to handle Sales Leads

Sometimes people think that they are stuck with inefficient process, outdated technology and a manager that doesn’t want to help them. I believe there’s always something you can do about it if you are passionate enough to overcome all the obstacles. In this article, I will tell you how I built my own CRM to handle Sales leads when my manager didn’t want to invest in it (Remark that I knew nothing about web development).


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Pivotal moments: Change yourself in one instant

There are moments in our life which have the power to influence all of it.

Very short moments, and usually very scary too.

Announcing to the woman you love that you want to marry her. Announcing to your boss that you are leaving the company …

Such choices are hard to make and they have the power to haunt us night and day, even in our dreams.

I call them pivotal moments


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Why you NEED to study Sales to be successful

When I started to work in technical Sales, I wasn’t convinced at all of the need to learn about Sales.

I was thinking that “Sales” is not something that could or should be learnt… because:

1- People choose to buy if they want and if they need what I have to sell.

2- If what I sell is really good, I don’t need to sell anything, people will see it and buy it.

I was blind and stupid.

face palm sales

That’s something that I can only tell after “experiencing” how much I was wrong…

(and that’s not easy to say it, but that’s the truth…)

I don’t know if you feel the same than me but sometimes I just think “I am so right” and I try to prove to everyone around how much I am… to discover few weeks (or months) after that I was in fact telling bullshits…

Here are the reasons I was wrong


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Why having a good technical product is not enough

One of my major problems was to think that if I had the best product on the earth, selling it would be a mere trivial thing to do.

Maybe that’s kind of a problem that engineers have…I am not sure.

As an engineer, I have always been focused on the following facts:

  • Having enough features
  • Having the best and fastest interface
  • Having a good price

I thought that if I could have a product that have all that, anyone would jump on it and buy it…

I was imagining that if the software was not selling, that was only because people were not “aware” of it.


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