The power of subconscious on your actions


Have you ever wanted to do something but never succeeded to do it?

Every new year I set up my resolutions of the year: “This year, I will do a diet and lose weight”

What happen then?

Well, maybe it works for one week, but after that, I just happen to “forget” about it.

I think it happens to everyone to be afraid to do something…For example a sales call, or a presentation in public

Then you tell yourself: “I am not afraid, let’s do it”

And then what happen?

I am not doing it because “I have not time, I have to do something else”.

I know this is just an excuse because I can always find time for what I like.

Have you ever wondered why are those things happening?

If we are not able to control our behavior simply by thinking through it…¬†what is actually controlling our behavior?


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