Pivotal moments: Change yourself in one instant

There are moments in our life which have the power to influence all of it.

Very short moments, and usually very scary too.

Announcing to the woman you love that you want to marry her. Announcing to your boss that you are leaving the company …

Such choices are hard to make and they have the power to haunt us night and day, even in our dreams.

I call them pivotal moments


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That's just the way I am

Go over “That’s just the way I am”

The “That’s just the way I am” fallacy

Studies proved it.

Every time someone tells you to change or improve something in your life, you may think:

“This guy is right, I should do that…but that’s just the way I am”

Every time you think “That’s just the way I am”, you actually stops yourself from changing.

You are telling yourself: “I may get a tremendous benefit, but I cannot change that because I am not like that”.

To give you a simple example, a lot of people have problems with health and losing weight.

The real solution to this problem is extremely simple:

  • Do more exercise
  • Eat better food

But why aren’t we able to apply those simple principles?


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