About Me

cyprien_webinarThis page is not about me, even if that’s the title, it’s about you and what i can bring to your life.

Everyone in this world could be happier if we could just learn to share… so I guess that’s it.

I am just a French Engineer who likes to share its own experience in order to make things work better for YOU (and everyone else reading).


I decided to make this blog about Technical Sales to provide you frequently with actionable strategies about:

  • Sales in a complex technical environment to strive in any condition
  • Strategies for online technical marketing to generate hot leads for your business
  • Motivation strategies i am using to be 120% operational every day of my life

I have several ideas about what I will write soon:

  • How to create the best product demonstrations
  • How to understand your propects’ needs better than they understand themselves
  • NLP techniques to become a great public speaker and fascinate your audience
  • The technical Sales Process that you can put in place to boost your sales by 200%
  • The technical Sales Closing Techniques that really work
  • How to build indestructible faith in your technical skills
  • How to be a trusted advisor in your technical market
  • Understand the principle of effective communication to become the reference person in your company
  • How to create more opportunities from the resources you have
  • How to build the confidence in your product to build an unconscious power on your prospects
  • How to create white papers about your technical product
  • Master the webcast techniques to reach the right prospects in no time

Of course, all those incredible post are only in my mind for now, but I trust that they will come to life very soon if you subscribe to my newsletter.

I am free to talk with you whenever you want. Just tell me what you would like to know and i’ll write something about it.

Let’s work together to create a better world of trust, value and sharing.