The limitless sea in your mind

In my dreams, I sit at an oak desk, staring at the window in the front. The window is open and lets the cold enter. Outside in the alley, plane trees are vibrating with the morning wind.


No one is in the street, the silence is complete.


That’s when I hear it. The call.


It’s not something physical, my body doesn’t move, it’s more like a cry of my soul telling me:

“Go out and run”


Then I open the door. Find myself standing on the cold stones of the walkway and the inner voice keeps telling me “Run, you have to run”


Then I don’t know why but I just start running, faster and faster along the platanes.


Everything is dead silent, everyone is sleeping


At least this is what I think, but sometimes I start to believe there never was anyone in those dimly lighted streets and I am like an explorer coming here for the first time, relentlessly seeking the truth out of the past.


What happened? What is happening? Why am I running?


Then I stop. I look around and everything is still silent. I arrived at the harbour. Boats are attached to the coast line, floating and the sound of the sea now replaced the silence.


The sea, the waves coming and going, tapping against the border of the docks.


I always loved the sea.


The sea is something you can see and that has no limits. It hides thousands of treasures.

Millions of animals are living inside, hidden inside the deep abysses that evade the consciousness of men.


Sea is like a mother, bringing life to people who are living on it but also mysterious, because you never know what is hiding in it.


The sea reminds me that our consciousness can only fathom what we know already.


The mind is like a sea in our head, it hides thousands of possibilities and opportunities that are hidden to us.


We can run all our life to try to find the truth, to find only silence and death.


The real truth lies in our heads and in our own potential. This voice that I hear relentlessly is my own consciousness speaking to me.


I have the choice, listen to myself, learn and grow or run to avoid to listen and meet the silence until I meet the see and the ancestral fears will remind me about life and my own destiny.

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