The cost of not buying

We are all the same…when we have to pay something expensive in front of us… we hesitate,especially when it is expensive!

Should I spend my hard-earned money on this?

Is it really worth it?

Of course, that’s totally normal… that’s because we are always longing to make rational decisions about things and when there is something unclear about the “absolute” benefit, then we may be confused and start having doubts…

It is expensive…wouldn’t it be better to keep my money?

That’s an auto defense mechanism of the human mind telling us that we have to protect the money we worked hard to acquire.

…and most of the time, it is right.

BUT… not always.

What would happen if you don’t purchase this item??

5 years ago, when I was in China, I wanted to purchase one of the best DSLR camera available at the time, the Canon 5D mark II…

Canon 5D mark II

I was thinking about this purchase for months because it was a huge spending for me… 2000 USD without the lens was almost everything I had at the time.

I hesitated for months… I was starting to have dreams about it and I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about this camera.

I went to the shop several times with the money ready, but then I hesitated again… and I went back home with nothing.

I was thinking that this was like throwing my money away just to get another device that I didn’t absolutely need.

After all, any other camera would do the trick…why did I have to buy THAT particular one?

Then one day… something changed.

I stopped to hesitate when I viewed this acquisition as an investment, and when I thought about the cost of NOT buying it.

Buying something is only useless if you don’t do something special with it. I decided that buying this camera would be an investment in myself and in my future.

You see… you don’t know what WILL happen in the future, but you can commit to MAKE something special happen if you really want to.

I told myself that getting this camera was an opportunity to meet great people in Beijing and meet friends photographers. It was also an opportunity to improve my skills at the level of a professional photographer.

So, I resolved to make that happen and I bought it…

I told myself that I will review if this investment was right 5 years after.

Wanna know what happened?

It was MORE than worth it. This camera changed a lot of things in my life and it brought a lot of happiness not only for me but also for all the people I took pictures of.

It allowed me to:

1- Improve my skills at the level of a professional photographer (my photo blog:

2- I used it to enter photography clubs in Beijing and made a LOT of friends there

3- I used it to take photos of my family

4- I used it to take photos of my colleagues when I was working in MIDAS in South Korea

5- I used it to make videos for marketing

6- I used it to make videos for my blogs

Now… 5 years after, I can tell… It was MORE than worth it.

cyprien rusu cost photo

If I didn’t take this decision to purchased that camera 5 years before… I would never have done all of that.

This is what I call, the cost of not buying something.

Whenever you desire something deeply, think about that…what will be the cost of not buying?

If not buying it won’t have any impact, then don’t buy it.

But sometimes, buying the most simple thing CAN have a big impact on our lives.

Sometimes you hesitate to buy a book at 10 USD, but when you do and you read it, you discover a world of new possibilities that you never envisioned before. Your knowledge expands. You become able to see the world in a different way.

That’s also something this camera brought to me… a new way to see the world… Really!

When you start taking a lot of photos and your photography skills improve, you start to see things differently… the colors become more vivid, the influence of the weather becomes more important and you start to see the light and the shadows much “better”. It’s difficult to explain that because it is something related to the senses that you have to experience yourself to understand.

l'oiseau dans sa cage

And that’s also a part of the benefits I got from buying this camera.

Now… think about it next time you desire something…what will be the cost of not buying??

…And then write a comment to let me know!

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