technical demo

The best technical demo ever

Watch this video of Steve jobs introducing the Macintosh and you will understand immediately what is a great technical demo!

What makes this technical demo so good?

1- Show, don’t tell

Well, first, he is not talking endlessly about the product’s features.

He just lets the product talk by itself (literally…)

2- He is not showing the machine, he is showing what people can do with it

People never saw something like that at that time… but Steve Jobs doesn’t really show them the Macintosh…he shows them what they can do with the Macintosh: Photoshop, Word, Chess game…

Watching that, I remember that my father purchased a Macintosh II when I was a kid. I was so happy with it that I still remember ver clearly everything I was doing on it…and that made me an apple fan ever since.

3- Light effects and music

The light is focused only on the Macintosh, no other distraction is visible.

The music is motivating and reminds the incredible achievements that Apple did by creating the Macintosh.


There’s probably much more but that’s the only things I saw for the moment.

Maybe I’ll come home and find my old Macintosh II…he is still working by the way 🙂

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